Thursday, November 20, 2014

Cosby digitally replaced with Wayne Brady in Cosby Show

Nick at Nite will be returning the beloved Cosby Show to television  after pulling it in the face of sexual assault allegations against star  Bill Cosby, but with one critical difference: Cosby will be CGI'ed out of the series and replaced with Wayne Brady.

"Wayne Brady is the least controversial, least offensive, least intimidating black man in the history of television," said Nick at Nite programming Associate Vice President, Frances Lawrence, "maybe in the history of the world. He makes Urkel look like Mike Tyson."

"I'm pretty sure Wayne Brady has never raped anyone.  Hell, I'm not even sure if he's ever had sex at all," Lawrence added.

Brady's face will by digitally inserted on Cosby's body, and his voice will replace Cosby's lines.

One tricky issue was the name of the show.  "We didn't want to leave it as the Cosby Show because of the current controversy, but we were afraid if we changed it to the Brady Show, we would lose the original audience, so we just changed one letter and instructed our announcers  to pronounce that new letter VERY softly, like 'Cah-bee.'" Lawrence said.

Lawrence said if Cosby is cleared of the charges, they will switch back to the original version of the show.

However, the Brady version will not be discarded. "It has tested very well in some former Soviet republics where the original Cosby Show never caught on, and if we change the name, we may be able to sell both versions of the show in many countries," Lawrence said.